A Rundown On In-Vehicle Cell Phone Boosters

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Experiencing call drops and slow data speed is very common when you travel in a car, bus, RVs, boats, and trains, etc. Occasionally you may travel through remote areas where the cell reception is poor. If you wish to have constant contact with your friends and family members even while you travel, you need to have a proper cell reception inside your vehicle.

Most of the time you won’t be able to get a proper cell reception because of several reasons. When you travel through remote areas, there won’t be enough cell towers that could give you stronger cell signals. When you are constantly moving, your cell phone might find it difficult to capture cell signals from one cell tower.

Another reason for poor cell reception inside your vehicle is the vehicle itself. The metal body and glass windows of the vehicle will block the cell signals from getting inside and you won’t get a strong cell signal to make calls or even browse the internet. An in-vehicle signal booster is helpful in this situation.

In-Vehicle Signal Booster – The Concept

In-vehicle signal boosters are the kind of signal boosters that are designed to improve the cell reception inside a car, bus, boat, or RVs. These signal boosters will capture cell signals, improve their strength, and then rebroadcast the boosted cell signals inside the vehicle.

Just like an in-house cell phone booster, an in-vehicle signal booster also has three major components; the outdoor antenna, the amplifier unit, and the indoor antenna. The outdoor antenna will capture the cell signals from the base station or the cell tower. The amplifier unit will boost the cell signals and the indoor antenna will rebroadcast the boosted cell signal.

The outdoor antennas used in an in-vehicle signal booster are of different types. It is important to note that the outdoor antennas of the in-vehicle signal boosters are omnidirectional antennas that are capable of capturing cell signals from all directions.

Magnet mount antennas are typically used in the car because the outdoor antenna in a car should be placed in the middle of the roof to avoid any obstructions. The outdoor antennas used in a recreational vehicle is usually long and rises to 3 feet. They are usually more powerful than an average outdoor antenna used in a car. Another type of outdoor antenna is the marine antenna, which is specifically made using salt-resistant, material, and stainless steel.

Panel antennas and low-profile indoor antennas are the two types of indoor antennas used in an in-vehicle signal booster. Panel antennas are usually used in boats and recreational vehicles. These indoor antennas can redistribute cell signals to a larger area. Low-profile indoor antennas are ideal for cars and sedans.

In-Vehicle Cell Phone Booster – The Installation

You can easily get done with the installation of an in-vehicle signal booster without any professional help. You can easily do the installing of an in-vehicle signal booster with the help of the instruction manual that comes with the signal booster kit.

Before commencing the installation process, do a mock installation or a soft installation to figure out where the signal booster components will go and how much cable you are going to use to interconnect each of the parts. Once you figure all these out, you can start the installation process.

Kick-off the installation process by placing the components in their appropriate positions. The ideal location for the outdoor antenna is the roof of the vehicle where you will get proper cell signals without any interruptions. Make sure that the outdoor antenna has at least 12 inches horizontal separation between the other antennas.

It is important that you find a safe and secure location for placing the amplifier unit. This is mainly because it is the most significant component of the in-vehicle signal booster. The location you choose should not be too far from the power outlet. The recommended space or location for installing the amplifier unit is generally, under the seat to save space.

Most people mount the indoor antenna in the middle of the vehicle for equal distribution of boosted cell signals to all parts of the vehicle. Once you mount all three signal booster components, you can connect the antennas to the amplifier using coaxial cable.

Signal Booster For A Car – The Right Choice

There are quite a few factors to consider while buying a signal booster. You need to have a rough idea about the number of people who are going to be using it inside the car. Based on that number you can choose between a single-user or multi-user signal booster.

A majority of the cell phones of today use 4G LTE networks for voice calls and data. Therefore, you must use a signal booster that can boost all types of cell signals. When you choose a cell phone booster for your car, make sure that it has at least one year of warranty or money-back guarantee.