Can I Install My Signal Booster Or Does It Need To Be Professionally Installed?

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Cell signal boosters have become a necessity for most homes. With every passing year, the number of phone users is increasing and it is only a matter of time that the nearby cell tower chokes with the traffic. The result of it is constant call drops and you having to bear with terrible call quality, all the time. What started as a luxury, call booster have now reserved a permanent space in most homes.

Not just with call quality, but with a cell signal booster your data connection is much faster and responsive. You needn’t wait for half an hour anymore for your favorite Netflix series to finish buffering or your torrent from completing the download. Blindingly fast network speeds are just a tap away, all with the help of cell signal boosters.

One of the questions that are asked a lot by customers is whether they require the assistance of a professional to install a cell signal booster.  “I do well with fixing taps and loose cabinet doors in the house; I think I can manage myself,” many people say. But the truth is, it takes a lot more experience than tightening a few leaky faucets to be able to set up a cell signal booster system successfully.

Let us look at the times we can and shouldn’t set it up ourselves. Read on…

Cell Signal System For Your Homes

When Can You Self Install Them?

Self-installation of cell signal systems can be done if the area of your house does not exceed 5000 square feet. If the construction of the house is done using wooden studs and dry walls then you are safe to go, otherwise, there can be interference of the signal if the building is using metal, glass and concrete. The system must also have just one interior broadcast antenna to install. The complexity of installation increases exponentially when multiple interior antennae need to be set up. Further your house needs to have a space accessible to the roof-this could be the attic. Even if you have all of the above handled, you still have the trouble of setting up the outside antenna that is better set up on the roof than the attic.

When Shouldn’t You Install Them?

If your house is beyond 5000 but within 15000 square feet, then it is going to have to be professionally installed. The reason is because such houses make use of sturdier construction material including concrete and metal. These materials affect the incoming cell signals and cause a lot of interference that weakens the signal. Further, if you have a multi-storied house of more than 2 floors, then it is best you leave the job to the pros. These are comparable to a small commercial building, and it requires sound knowledge to set up the system, without any hiccups.

Cell Systems For Commercial Buildings

If you have an office or a warehouse, would it be a good idea to ask your workers to get the job done? A piece of sound advice would be- don’t.  The system might be set up in a way that fails to fully unlock the potential and the chances of messing up are an all-time high. But there are some situations where you can install it yourself.

When Can You Self Install?

If the system has a maximum of 2 interior antennae, then you are still good to go. You or your employees setting up the system must have basic knowledge of the building codes. The building must have roof access and must be a single-storied, open warehouse that has the least number of obstructions and must have an area no more than 10,000 square feet. If the system manufacturer has a dedicated on-site or on-phone support that can guide you through the process, then you are still in the clear.

Now there are some situations that are simply out of your hands, and you need to bring in the pros.

When You Can’t Install The Signal Booster Yourself

Those buildings that are multi-storied or those which are high-rise or even low-rise buildings, require experts to work on them. Also, for those commercial spaces that have an area that is beyond 10,000 square feet or buildings that have elevator shaft or stairwell, professional help is required. Buildings that have a steel framework and concrete walls also fall in this category.

You especially need the help if the system will have to endure high user traffic or load, and consist of more than 2 interior broadcast antennae. To simply put, the large and more complex the building layout, the more challenging it is to set up the cell signal booster system. Make sure that you bring in the professional guidance to install the cell signal booster system, to ensure that your expectations are not let down.