Constant Call Drops And Low Internet Speeds?! Here Is What You Can Do

Cellular Signal Booster
Cellular Signal Booster
Mobile Repeaters
Mobile Repeaters

Being connected in this day and age is not just a requirement, but a necessity! Cell phones enable us to do just that! Ever since portable handheld cellular devices came into the scene, the digital landscape was changed for ever. You could now be 30,000 feet above the ground in your business class seat, making a call to a client in Osaka. Or you could be a traveller who documents every leg of their journey, takes jaw dropping pictures to post on instagram, and writes fascinating travel blogs to enrapture your audience. All of this, on the go!

But what happens when your trusty phone loses signal reception? It doesn’t matter how expensive your phone is, but once it goes off the grid, it isn’t worth all that much. After all, it is the power of the internet that energizes these cellular devices! What can you do, to prevent this from happening all the time? We’ll tell you…

Go To The Source

If you’re at a place far away from the nearby cell tower, then chances are you’ll get a weak signal. See if you can venture out to the nearest cell tower.

Get Some Breathing Space

If you’re in a crowded space such s a mall or a stadium, then your signal could weaken. The reason being that the sheer number of people who are hooked to the same grid are far too many! This increased traffic is what is causing your internet to hit speeds at kB/s. Move to wear the crowd thins out, and you’ll get lucky.

Get Your Phone A Cell Signal Booster

Cell signal boosters or mobile repeaters can do wonders for your phone! It is a portable piece of tech that latches onto weak signals coming from the cell tower, boosting it up using an in-built amplifier, and then again broadcasting it for your phone and other mobile devices to use! You cell phones battery also last longer because it needn’t strain all that much now.

Cell phone signal boosters are quite inexpensive, with ones coming even as low as $ 5! However If you want a booster that allows for more people to connect at the same time then, it will cost you more.

Cell phone boosters are being used more often and with the mobile user count increasing, it will be only a matter of time that low internet speed affects you too. Go get yourself a cell phone booster today!