Tips To Improve Poor Signal Strength

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Poor cell reception means dropped voice calls, undelivered text messages, and slow data speed. This situation irritates you so much. You can experience a bad cell reception anywhere; at your home, office or while traveling in your car. There are a number of factors that cause bad cell reception, such as, distance from the cell tower, metal roof, windows of the building, distance from the cell tower, weather, etc. But you don’t need to worry. If you follow these simple tips, you can improve the signal strength at your home or office.

Remove The Obstructions

One of the main reasons for a poor cell reception is the objects that stand between a cell tower and your cell phone. These objects might be hills, tall trees, big commercial buildings, etc. They block the cell signals coming from the cell tower. Sometimes the windows and doors of your house are also obstructions. If they are made of metal, then they will reflect the cell signal. You can do nothing about trees, hills or buildings. But you can do something about the metal doors and windows. If you are not getting a good signal, keep them open.

Avoid Low Battery

When the battery charge is very low, the cell phone finds it hard to locate the signal. It will result in poor cell reception. This is mainly because most of the cell phones are not programmed to work efficiently in low power. Therefore, to avoid poor cell reception even in areas with good signal strength, you need to conserve your battery power. You can lower the screen brightness, turn off Bluetooth, and close the apps running in the background to save the battery power.

Move Away From Densely Populated Area

When the signal traffic in an area becomes too crowded, it results in dropped calls and slow data speed. This happens because too many people use their cell phones and tablets at once. If you are in the middle of a huge crowd, you will not get a good cell reception at your phone. The only option you have is to move away from that area as quickly as possible.

Install A Cell Phone Booster

The best way to improve the signal strength in your home or office is to install a cell phone repeater. A cell phone booster will take the weak signal outside the building, amplify it to many folds, and then rebroadcast the boosted signal inside the building. The main components of a signal booster are an outside antenna, an amplifier, and an inside antenna. The purpose of the outside antenna is to take the cell signal outside the building and send it to the amplifier. The amplifier will boost the signal up to 32 times. Then the inside antenna rebroadcasts the boosted signal to the devices inside the building.