Ways Of Measuring Strength Of Cellular Signal

Boosting Mobile Signal At Home
Boosting Mobile Signal At Home
Boosting Mobile Signal At Home
Boosting Mobile Signal At Home

To determine how weak or strong the mobile phone signal is, you should search for the corresponding decibels reading. You may check signal bars for a sign of the mobile signal strength, but these are likely to change when the device’s position changes. Further, the bars are not updated in real-time. So, you will be unable to call even when there are 2 or more signal bars, or you can do it even with just 1 bar. Staying in the coverage area of your cellular service provider may not always ensure that your device is connected to that carrier network.

In this guide, we will look at ways to check the cellular signal’s strength on Android and iOS more accurately. Hopefully, it helps you to determine whether you require a new product for better signals in your house. Try making calls and taking calls, or enabling Field Test Mode to find out whether there is a need for boosting mobile signal at home.

For An iOS Device

Never jailbreak that Apple device to determine how weak or solid the signal on it is. You should go to its hidden files, and it is possible to do without tampering with essential data or original device framework. You just require the right credentials to access secured applications. To discover how strong the mobile signal is, in decibels, just act as per the steps mentioned below.

Discover An Area Where It Is Possible To Call

This particular step will not do the trick when you are located somewhere without any signal. At least a single signal bar is required to obtain the detail as you will want to telephone. If it is unavailable, try any other method shared hereunder. In the case of no-signal zones or when your internet limit is over, try accessing the strength information from another individual possessing the same smartphone as yours. The information may differ depending on whether that device can detect both 3G and 4G signals or one of these two.

Type *3001#12345#* And Tap The Call Button

After dialling the above-mentioned number, the Field Test Mode application will appear. You might or might not need the star symbols according to your device’s model and how it is configured to get calls and send calls. Just try dialling the number with the signs first, and in the case it is not appearing, attempt the one with the symbols. When both numbers are not working, your OS needs further steps. After you dial it, select the ‘LTE’ option. After that, choose ‘Serving Cell Meas’. Next, search for the signal decibel reading near ‘RSRP0’.

It refers to the principal tower your device is getting cellular signals from. Conversely, ‘RSRP1’ refers to the nearest secondary tower it is connected to. The readings near both may differ by many factors, including the distance between these towers and your device.

For An Android Device

It is easy to access FTM on Android, as well. For this, just open the Settings application by pulling down the notifications bar and tapping on the cogwheel icon. In the app, just look for ‘About Phone’. This option may be in the first section of that app or in ‘System’, according to the operating system version of your device. In ‘About Phone’, look for an option called ‘SIM status’. If you use two SIM cards, then select the status option of the corresponding network you want to know the mobile signal strength.

On almost every latest Android device or version, you should then see the reading in dBm below ‘Signal strength’.

Why It Is Shown In Negative

The negative symbol in the reading does not mean that there is a big issue with your cellular signal. Rather, it is just how the detail is shown. You would ideally like it to be in the -50 to -80 range. When it is shown as -120, this means there is no signal whatsoever.

Improving Your Signal Strength

For boosting mobile signal at home, you must determine what is making it weaker. Electronic equipment in a residence/workplace, or the property’s building materials, will possibly affect the cellular signal. To determine whether the latter is the root cause, just go outside the property and see whether you have better signals there. Albeit there is 1 signal bar on the device when standing outside it, you could do with a cell signal repeater. The quality of your output through the amplifier will depend on the present signal strength outside your building.

In the event of the signal not changing when indoors or outdoors, you might be too far away from that cell site to even have it. If so, go to many different locations to check whether it changes. If it is not changing wherever you are, there could be a glitch in the device, and you might have to reset it to factory default settings. In the event the resetting process fails to work, then you might have to buy a new device for the best possible signal.