All Cell Signal Booster Accessories You Should Be Aware Of

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There is a wide range of cell signal booster accessories that can be used in different circumstances. They can be useful for improving the performance of your signal boosters. Hence, it is important for you to be aware of these accessories to know the devices that can be useful for you. Hence, we list some of the common accessories that are used for enhancing the performance of cell phone signal booster in different circumstances.


Your signal boosters are designed for handling only a specific range of signal strength. If the strength of the incoming signals is above this threshold, then it will be difficult for your amplifier to handle them. Hence, it will shut itself off for preventing damage. These problems are generally known as overload problems.

If your signal booster is also experiencing similar problems, then you will have to reduce the strength of the incoming signals so that your amplifier will be able to handle them. This is where attenuators can be helpful for you. They are specifically designed for reducing the strength of the incoming signals before they reach the amplifier so that these signals do not interfere with its working.

If the strength of the outside signals in your area is very high so that your amplifier cannot handle it, then the best solution for you is to use an attenuator. Install it between your outside antenna and the amplifier for reducing the strength of the signals effectively before they reach the amplifier. This will help you to get the maximum performance from your cellular signal boosters.

Signal Meter

When installing the outside antenna of your cell signal booster, one of the important things you should notice is to mount it in a spot with high signal strength so that this antenna can receive maximum signals. If the reception of cell signals by your outside antenna is high, then it can help to enhance the performance of your cellular boosters. Hence, you have to measure the signal strength in different areas for finding the best spot.

Signal meters are designed for accurately measuring the signal strength. You can use this device to find a spot with better cell reception from your carrier. Also, signal meters can also be useful for finding the direction of the cell tower of your service provider. This can be helpful when installing your uni-directional antenna, as it should be pointed in the direction of the cellular base station of the intended service provider for receiving signals.

So signal meters can help to find a good spot with reliable cell reception so that you can get consistent performance from your cell signal booster.


Cables are an essential part of signal boosters. Your signal booster kit will already have cables that are needed for connecting different components of the booster together. Cables are required for connecting both the outside and inside antennas to the amplifier.

Even though there will be cables along with your booster kit, there can be circumstances where you might need more cable length. Also, sometimes, you might need cables with better quality for enhancing the performance of your boosters.

If any of these situations arise, then you can get coaxial cables that are designed for supporting cell signal boosters. They can be useful for you if you want extra cables for connecting your booster components.


In certain circumstances, you might have to use two or more outside antennas for a single amplifier. For example, if you are using a directional antenna and want to boost the signals from different carriers whose cellular base stations are located in opposite directions, then you will have to install multiple antennas that point in the direction of each cell tower. In this circumstance, it is necessary to combine these signals before they reach the amplifier. A combiner can be useful for you in this situation, as it is designed for combining the signals coming from various sources.

A combiner can also be used when you use multiple amplifiers and a single internal antenna.

Splitter And Taps

A splitter can be used when you have to divide the signals from an amplifier between different internal antennas. They are suitable when all the antennas are at an equal distance from the signal amplifier.

But what to do when you have to install different internal antennas with varying distances from the cell tower? This is where taps can be useful. They divide signals between internal antennas situated at unequal distances.

Antenna Mount

You need to place your antenna as high as possible for getting better signal strength. Mounts can help to install your antenna easily. There are different types of mounts including pole mount, glass mount, wall mount, etc. that you can choose based on your requirements.

There are different cell signal booster accessories that can be beneficial for improving the performance of your cell signal boosters. The accessories mentioned above are some of the popular options among them and you can get them based on your requirements.