Common Issues Associated With Cell Signal Boosters

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Different issues can affect the performance of your cell signal boosters thereby reducing their performance. Hence, it is important for you to solve them for regaining the performance. Some of the common problems associated with cellular signal boosters include oscillation and overload that can interfere with their working. Hence, through this article, we list some important things you can try for troubleshooting these problems.


Oscillation happens when the signals from your internal antenna reach your external antenna. It can result in the formation of a feedback loop that can adversely affect the working of the booster.

Cell signal boosters that are available today are designed to detect this problem. When a signal booster detects oscillation, it will reduce the boosting power on the affected band. If the problem is not solved, then it will shut itself down. Therefore, it is important to solve this issue for ensuring the better working of your signal booster.

How To Fix Oscillation?

The first step you can try is to increase the distance between the internal and external antennas. This will prevent the signals from your internal antenna reaching the external antenna. Also, if you are using a directional antenna make sure that it is pointing away from the building. You can try moving the antennas both vertically and horizontally. Note that vertical separation effective than horizontal separation. So try to move the external antenna to a higher location for solving this issue.

If you cannot move the antennas any further but the issue is still persisting, then the next step you can do is to bring some shield between the internal and external antenna. The chimney of your home or you air conditioning unit, can act as a shield for the signals and they will prevent the signals from your internal antenna from reaching the external antenna.


If there is a cell tower is near your home or office, there will be very strong outside signal strength. So it can become too much for your booster to bear and it will result in overload problems. The booster will reduce its performance when it detects this problem.

How To Fix Overload?

If your booster indicates overload problems, you can change the direction of your antenna incrementally so that it will receive less signals. If it does not work, the next best option you can have is to install an attenuator. An attenuator can reduce the strength of the incoming signals. So it can be helpful for you to solve this problem efficiently.

If these two solutions do not work, the final option you can try is to get an amplifier that can handle strong signals. Hence, it can ensure the maximum performance of your booster even if there are very strong outside signals.