How To Improve Cell Signal Strength In A Vehicle?

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Whether you are on your way to the gym or office, there are some spots en route where your mobile phone loses its signal and is as useless as it is when it is switched off. You might have encountered similar situations while traveling to a secluded picnic spot with your family too. Even if the second case is blamed on the lack of cell phone towers nearby, how can the first situation be explained when cities have many cell towers.

A chance is that your car could be blocking carrier signal from your tower to your phone. There are ways you can improve the connectivity inside your car.

How To Improve Cellular Signals In Your Vehicle?

Stop The Vehicle

When you are constantly on the move, the cell network will have to constantly adjust to the changing location. So, if you want to make an undisrupted call, stop your car at a secure spot and wait for 2 minutes for the signal to stabilize. Check the signal strength.

Step Out Of Your Vehicle

Your vehicle is made of materials that interfere with the signals from reaching your phone. Everything, from the metal covering to the coated glass, blocks around 50 percent of the carrier signal from entering the car. Therefore, stop your car at a safe spot and wait for a few minutes before you check the signal strength. Walk for few meters into an open space and check again if you did not receive a signal before.

Call Again Later

As you are traveling, the cell reception throughout the journey will keep changing. The signal strength at one point can be weak and another might be strong. Hence, by trying again, the signal might get stronger as you move. You might get closer to a tower or might encounter fewer hurdles in between.

Higher Elevation

Since mobile signals are stronger when there are no disruptions in between, getting on top of a building can help. Parking in a hilly area or climbing a few steps might also do the trick.

Switch From 4G To 3G

We know how 4G changed our lives and the number of people using 4G now is so high that the network has become crowded. Hence, it provides low-quality services sometimes when everyone is using it. Therefore, try switching from 4G to 3G- the latter will have a lesser number of users.