What Are The Factors Affecting Cellular Signal Strength?

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One of the problems faced by many mobile phone users is the loss of signal quality, resulting in dropped calls. Good quality cellular signals are important because we depend on these handheld devices for many of our daily activities from navigation, shopping, financial transactions, etc. A good way to ensure good call quality is to use a cell phone service booster. These devices capture weak cellular signals, boost them, and retransmit to your phones. Read on to know more about different factors affecting the quality of mobile phone signals.

Direction And Distance Of Nearest Cellular Towers

The distance from the nearest cellular tower affects the quality of the cell phone signal, the farther you are the lower the quality and vice versa. So, you must be within the range of the cellular tower to ensure good call quality. Moreover, when installing directional outside antennas of cell service booster, they must be pointed in the direction of the cellular tower for better output.

Transmission Power

Another major factor influencing the quality of cellular signals is the transmission power of the cellular tower. The transmission power of the phone is lesser than that of the tower. Sometimes you can hear the person on the other end, but they cannot hear you, and this is because your phone is unable to transmit. This results in lower call quality, and it can be resolved by using a cell phone service booster because this device has a higher transmission power.

Network Congestion

Occasionally when the network traffic increases, it results in dropped calls or reduced cellular signal quality. This can be avoided by using a cell phone service booster because of its higher transmission power, which ensures good call quality.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors like humidity and temperature affect the quality of cellular signals. This is because the ions present in the water droplets of the atmosphere acts as a good conductor of electrons, and cellular signals get deflected when they encounter them. This results in reduced strength of cellular signals. Likewise, temperature influences humidity, and thereby affects call quality and signal strength. You experience reduced call quality during rain, snow, fog, thunderstorms, clouds, etc. Apart from this, geographical features like hills, forests, etc., also affect the quality of cellular signals.


The cellular signal quality also depends on the line of sight between the phone and the cellular tower. So, obstructions like buildings, trees, interfering electronic signals, etc., can reduce the quality of cellular signals resulting in dropped calls. Also, these obstructions cause cellular signals to bounce off, affecting signal quality.

These are some of the factors affecting the quality of cellular signals, as well as the performance of the cell phone service booster.