5 Easy Steps To Install A Cell Phone Signal Booster At Your Home

Boosting Mobile Signal At Home
Boosting Mobile Signal At Home
Signal Booster
Signal Booster

A cell phone booster helps to increase the strength of a signal and improve the voice communication and internet access through a mobile device. You can install a signal booster in your home, office or even in your car. Installing a signal booster is a multi-step process, but it is not complicated. This article will talk about the different steps of installing a cell phone signal booster at your home.

Find The Best Outside Signal

Before you start installing the signal booster, you need to find the best signal outside your house. Locating the side of your house that has the best signal is the most important step during the installation process. Walk through the perimeter of the house with a smartphone and look at the number of bars to find out the spot with better signal strength. You can also use smartphone apps or Field Test Mode for locating the best outside signal.

Install Outside Antenna

After locating the best outside signal, mount the exterior antenna in that area. Place the antenna high for receiving the signal.  A roof with a mounting the pole is an ideal location for installing the outside antenna. It is important to note that, the outside antenna should be placed on or near the roof pointing towards the nearest cell tower. This ensures a better reception of signal.

Connect To Amplifier

After mounting the outside antenna, connect the coaxial table that is included in the booster kit to the exterior antenna and run the cable to the amplifier that is placed inside your home. Most people run the cable through their attic, while some people run it through their windows. Cable running through the attic is the safest method. Make sure that the amplifier is placed in a well-ventilated area.

Install Inside Antenna

Before installing the inside antenna, figure out in which part of your house you need better signal. Then place the inside antenna on the wall or the ceiling in that room. Connect the antenna to the amplifier with the other cable. Make sure that between the inside and outside antenna, there should be a vertical distance of at least 20 feet or a horizontal distance of 50 feet. This distance is important to prevent the oscillation, which may result in the automatic shutdown of the amplifier.

Plug In The Power

After installing all the components, plug in the power supply to the amplifier. When you turn it on, the amplifier will sync up. If you can see all the green light on the amplifier, it means you are getting a boosted signal. Check near the inside antenna to find out how much boosted signal you are getting. Rebooting the amplifier is required for any post-installation adjustments.