A Guide To Mobile Signal Booster

Cell Phone Booster
Cell Phone Booster
Cell Phone Booster
Cell Phone Booster

Have you been at the receiving end of an internet connection running at a snail’s pace? Does it seem like the buffering on your YouTube videos is never ending? Well, there is a solution in sight! A Cell signal booster.

What Is A Cell Phone Booster?

A cell phone booster is a lifesaving piece of technology that has helped many rub off the stress line on their fore heads because of constant call drops. What this does is it takes an existing mobile phone signal and amplifies it. Sounds simple enough? Let me explain.

How Do They Work?

A cell phone signal booster comprises of 3 main parts. These including an outdoor or donor antenna, an amplifier and an indoor antenna. The outdoor antenna first receives the mobile phone signal from the tower. This signal would be weak as a result of interference or heavy traffic, causing the constant issues you face. The input signal is then amplified by what is called a bi-directional amplifier (BDA). The BDA creates a power or amplitude gain, thereby strengthening the signal. The amplified signal is then broadcasted by the indoor antenna to and from the cell phone.

What Are The Types Of Cell Phone Signal Boosters?

A cell phone booster can be of two main variants: Home signal booster and vehicle signal booster. Home signals booster as the name suggest amplifies mobile signals for use within home, while the vehicle signal booster amplifies signals on the go such as a vehicle. If you want the set up for a fixed location such as an office or work space then the home cell phone signal booster is what you need to be checking out.

How To Choose A Cell Phone Booster?

Selection primarily depends on the frequency, type of the supported network, the antenna and the amplifier. So choose based on the specification the network which your cell phone network provider is on.

Cell phone boosters are available in multiple frequency bandwidths including GSM, 2G, 3G and 4G networks. 5G has started to make waves and it is expected that a 5G supported cell phone booster will be out soon too.

Be sure to also check whether the cell phone signal booster is approved by your countries respective government telecom authority or body.

The cost of cell phone boosters can range anywhere from $5 for lower strength vehicle booster to $300 for a wall electric outlet powered home cell signal booster, making it a wise investment.