All You Need To Know About Signal Boosters

Cell Phone Booster
Cell Phone Booster
Cell Phone Booster
Cell Phone Booster

A signal booster or cell phone booster is a repeater system that consists of an outside antenna, an inside antenna, and an amplifier that helps to boost the cell reception in a particular area. It may either be your house, your car, or maybe your office. The cell phone booster will take the existing cell signal outside the building or vehicle and amplify it to many folds. These amplified signals will be redistributed to the area with no cell reception.

Working Of A Signal Booster

One of the three main components of a signal booster, the outside antenna, is responsible for capturing the outside cell signal. If you are living in a remote area where cell reception is very weak or traveling through a dead zone, you might experience a poor cell reception because of weak cell signal. The captured cell signal is then transmitted to the amplifier through the coaxial cable.

The purpose of an amplifier is to increase the strength of the cell signal to a usable level. An average in-house signal booster can boost the cell signal by 32 times. The amplifier will be connected to the inside antenna for rebroadcasting the boosted cell signals to all the mobile devices inside the building. Inside antennas can be mounted on the ceiling or the wall in the room.

Components Of A Signal Booster System

Outside Antenna

There are two types of outside antenna are there; one is the Omni-directional antenna and the other is the Uni-directional or Yagi antenna. Both these antennas are used for in-house signal boosters. Omni-directional antennas are used for capturing the cell signals equally from all the directions. While the Uni-directional antenna focuses on capturing cell signals from only one direction. They are usually used in areas where the cell towers are very limited.

For cars and other vehicle an Omni-directional or Yagi antenna is not ideal because mobility brings a lot of issues for such antennas. A magnet-mount antenna is one of the two standard antennas for vehicles. These antennas are mounted on the top of the vehicle with a magnetic base. Another one is the RV/Trucker antennas. These antennas are also mounted on the exterior and are made to be stronger, powerful, and long-lasting.

Inside Antenna

Just like outside antennas, the interior antennas are also of two different types. A panel antenna is capable of broadcasting boosted cell signals in a single direction and they are mounted on the wall or the ceiling. They are effective for broadcasting signals in building lobbies and for several floors. A dome antenna is used for getting a wider broadcasting range n all directions. It is mounted on the ceiling and ideal for large square or circular spaces.


It is the most important component of a signal booster system. Amplifiers receive the signal from the outside antenna for boosting its strength. The amplifier will be placed inside the building or the vehicle and is connected to both outside and inside antennas using cables and connectors. In vehicles, RG-174 coaxial cables are used to connect the antennas to the amplifier.

Types Of Cell Phone Repeaters

There are mainly two types of cell phone repeaters; analog signal repeaters and smart signal boosters. Most of the amplifiers that are used today are analog ones. They use traditional technology to amplify all the mobile phone carrier frequencies.

Smart signal boosters are the new types of wireless signal boosters. They use digital powerful broadband processors to clean the coverage before rebroadcasting. Smart signal boosters require no outside antenna and they are very powerful and expensive than analog signal repeaters.

Benefits Of Signal Boosters

Improves Quality Of Voice Calls

When you install a signal booster in your house or your car, you will get better cell reception. With better cell reception, you can make voice calls with reduced noise and distortion. In addition to increasing the strength of the signal, a signal booster also cleans the signal to make it free of any disturbance.

Increases Data Speed

It is one of the main advantages of a signal booster. We use the internet daily for browsing emails, connect with friends, check news feeds, shopping, etc. It is not possible to do all these if the internet speed is very slow. Signal booster will give a better cell reception and thereby your data speed will increase.

No More Dead Zones

When you travel you might have experienced poor cell reception in some areas. If you install an in-vehicle signal booster you will no longer experience dropped calls or slow data speed while you travel. The signal boosters will ensure that you receive a good signal even if you are far from the nearest cell tower.

Increase Battery Life

When you have poor cell reception in your car or vehicle, your cell phone works hard to find a usable cell signal. This will reduce the battery life of your phone. With a signal booster, your cell phone will receive cell signals easily and this will ensure long battery life.