Classifying Cellular Signal Boosters Based On Various Factors

Cell Signal Booster
Cell Signal Booster
Cellular Signal Booster
Cellular Signal Booster

Signal boosters are especially popular in areas that receive weak cellular signals which aren’t potent enough to facilitate quality communication. Moving vehicles, remote places, buildings constructed with signal blocking materials like thick concrete, all report signal weakening and the best possible solution is a cellular signal booster.

Cellular signal booster also called cell phone booster is a device that takes in weak cellular signals and boosts its strength before broadcasting it to the intended reception devices.  They are classified according to different factors and in this session, we discuss the signal booster classifications.

Classification Based On Supported Frequencies

Analog Boosters

They are generally called bidirectional amplifiers and are broadband amplifiers that can be used for all cellular signal frequencies and cell phone carriers. For analog boosters, the outside antenna comes separately and the entire kit has to be assembled prior to installation. The dB gain of analog boosters ranges from 63dB to 70dB.

Smart Boosters

They do not merely act as a boosting unit but improves the signal clarity by removing noise signals from them. They are carrier specific devices that operate at particular frequencies and have a high dB gain that reaches up to 100dB. Smart boosters come in compact kits indicating that the external antenna is also part of the booster box and thus does not require installation.

Classification Based On The Place Of Installation

  • Cellular signal boosters for immobile locations(offices, homes etc)
  • Cellular signal boosters for mobile locations(boats, cars, trucks etc)

Classification Based On Generations Of Cellular Technology

  • 3G boosters- 3G boosters work with several 2G and 3G technologies like GSM, HDMA, UMTS etc.
  • 4G boosters- 4G boosters work with 2G, 3G, LTE, advanced LTE.

Classification Based On Consumer Base

Consumer Signal Boosters

They are usually used in limited areas like cars, homes etc and can be easily installed by following some easy step by step instructions. Since the devices are usually delivered in plug and play format, users do not require any technical expertise to install and use the boosters.

Industrial Signal Booster

They cover large areas like public places and commercial buildings and support multiple users at the same time. Being large-scale installs, better planning is necessary for its installation and operation if the expected targets are to be achieved.

Part 90 Signal Boosters

They are a special type of cellular signal booster that are primarily used in Private Land Mobile Radio Units and require certified professionals for installation.

Cellular signal booster saves and improves the quality of cellular communication and offers you clearer voice calls and faster browsing speeds.