Common Myths about Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Cellular Signal Boosters
Cellular Signal Boosters
Cellular Signal Boosters
Cellular Signal Boosters

As we are becoming more and more dependent on mobile phones, the disruption in cellular signals is creating havoc in people’s lives. They are trying to find out reasons why the cellular signal is unpredictable. One second you find the phone showing four bars, the other second it becomes one. People started buying cellular signal boosters. Since people did not know about the mechanism and technology behind the functioning of the boosters, they began spreading their conceptions and rumors, most of which are myths. This blog post is about these myths and how it is not true!

Cell phone boosters are a scam, they do not increase the strength of mobile signals.

There were some boosters which around twenty years back claimed to strengthen the cell signal, but did not. The situation is not the same now. Cellular signal boosters function well and can increase the signal strength by different points depending on their type.

In fact, the government checks the working condition of the booster. In the US, the Federal Communication Commission ensures that cellular booster does what they claim to do. Every booster that hits the market is FCC or IC certified.

Cell Signal Boosters Are Illegal

This is not actually a myth. Cellular boosters are banned in some countries. But, countries like the U.S and Canada have realized the importance of these everywhere and are legal as far as they are FCC or IC certified.

Boosters Interfere With Cell Signal

This was true once upon a time before the US government took matters into their hands. Now, the FCC certification shows that the booster signal does not interfere with other cellular networks. Passionate and responsible cellular booster manufacturers make sure that their products do not create any disruption or inconvenience to other people.

Cellular Boosters Interfere With Your Wifi Network

This is an absurd idea. Cellular boosters and Wifi use completely different radio frequencies which means they can never interfere with each other. Cellular boosters use the same radio frequency as mobile signals to boost the network signal.

Cell Boosters Use Your Wifi Bandwidth Competing With The Other Wireless Devices

Unlike femtocells and microcells, which use Wifi network for stable uninterrupted communication, cellular boosters use radio frequencies and never interact with Wifi.

It is high time we realized the need for cellular boosters(especially in crowded cities and remote areas) and learned the truth about these.