Factors To Consider While Choosing A Cell Phone Booster

Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cell Phone Signal Booster
Best Cellular Signal Booster
Best Cellular Signal Booster

Cell phone boosters serve the purpose of signal boosting and compensate for signal strength losses due to multiple obstructions. The appreciable affordability and efficiency of cell phone boosters are making it popular in locations that suffer multiple network issues.

Here is a list of factors that you have to consider while you buy a cell phone booster.

Uplink And Downlink Power Of The Amplifier

Cellular signal booster has three major components namely external antenna, amplifier and internal antenna. The amplifier performs major signal boosting operations and its downlink and uplink power are crucial in deciding the performance of the signal booster.

When uplink signal strength is high, your voice goes clearly to the other party while you make a voice call, and when the downlink signal is strong, you can hear the voice of the other party clearly. Uplink and downlink power of the amplifier have to be high to ensure that both parties in a voice call can hear the other’s voices clearly. When you choose a cell phone booster, make sure that its amplifier has high uplink and downlink power.

Decibel Gain Of The Amplifier

Strength of cellular signals can be measured in various terms and using the bars displayed on your cell phones to measure signal strength has become an outdated method. Signal strength is now measured in decibels and you have to analyze the dB gain of the amplifier before you go ahead with selecting a cellular signal booster.

Higher values of dB gain indicate that the efficiency of the amplifier is high.

Strength Of The Outside Signal

Before selecting a cell phone booster for your homes or office buildings, you should have a clear idea about the strength of the cellular signals outdoors.  You can measure the outside signal strength using a signal meter and if needed, get the help of an installer. After you understand the outside signal strength, you can choose a booster with suitable antenna and amplifier power.

Length Of The Cable

Cable length is crucial in the selection of cell phone booster because for every 100 feet exterior cable used, there is a signal strength loss of 3.9dB. The exterior cable connects the external antenna to the amplifier and keeping it short would enhance signal boosting. If the signal booster is installed in large buildings with multiple floors, minimizing cable length is not always practical and you would have to choose a booster with high amplifier power.

Selection of a cell phone booster depends on the conditions in your living space and paying attention to the above-discussed factors will help you choose the best cellular signal booster.