How To Choose The Right Cell Phone Signal Booster?

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Cell Phone Signal Booster

Signal boosters are now becoming a great help for people who are living in remote areas where there is a poor cell signal reception. These signal boosters can amplify different types of signals including 2G, 3G, and 4G. Hence, they can be useful for you if you are having trouble with your cell phone signal.

However, when selecting a signal booster, you have to consider certain things for getting the right booster that is suitable for you. Hence, we list some of the important factors that you have to consider when you buy a cell phone signal booster.

The Uplink And Downlink Power

These are two important factors that affect the clarity of a call. If the uplink is weak, the other party may not be able to hear your voice. When the downlink is weak, then you cannot hear the other person’s voice. Hence, for a call to be clear for both parties, the uplink and downlink power should be optimum. So when buying a cellular booster you have to ask the salesperson whether the uplink and downlink power of the booster is good.

Coverage Area

Consider the area you want to cover. There are different types of booster that are designed for specific areas such as home, office, vehicles, huge commercial buildings, public places, etc. Hence, find a signal booster that can provide coverage for the area you need to cover. If you want to cover more area, you might have to buy a booster that has an amplifier with good power. However, such boosters can be costly.

The Number Of People You Want To Accommodate

Boosters are available in wide varieties based on their coverage and the number of users it can accommodate. The cheapest type of boosters might be able to accommodate only one person. But more powerful and costly boosters will be able to accommodate more users. Hence, when selecting a signal booster, you have to consider the number of users you have to accommodate.

Type Of Antenna

There are mainly two types of exterior antennas. The first one is an omni-directional antenna which can pull signals in a 360-degree pattern. They can be used in areas where there is good signal strength. The other type is a uni-directional antenna which can pull the signal in a 45-90 degree field. This type of antennas have more power than omni-directional antennas and can reach out and pull signals from far areas. Hence, you have to select an antenna type based on your requirements.