Reasons For Poor Network Signals And Its Ultimate Solution

Cell Phone Repeaters
Cell Phone Repeaters
Boosting Mobile Signal At Home
Boosting Mobile Signal At Home

A crisis that is dealt with almost every person today is a weak mobile signal. Regardless of the age or location, once you are in a dead zone, you have zero mobile signals. Have you given it a thought as to why many people experience this problem? I mean you see network towers set up in many places and yet the problem persists. Today let us investigate a little and try to understand the possible reasons for poor network signals, giving special emphasis on the location; the location being your ‘home sweet home’.

Distance From Network Tower Location

If your location is too far off from the location of the cell tower of your network carrier, then there is a high chance that you will experience weak or poor network signals. What does this translate to? It means that, for getting a perfect network signal, your location must be closest to the cell tower location.

Outside Interferences

As you know, the network signals travel in the form of radiofrequency waves. Therefore, external interferences are a high possibility in this case. For facilitating an effective transmission between the respective network carrier’s cell tower and your location, these waves must have a clear and undisrupted line. Nonetheless, external interferences in the form of mountains, skyscrapers, hills, snow, rain, trees, tall buildings, billboards, and thunderstorms, etc potentially disrupt these waves.

Inside Interferences

Inside interferences can also be the reason for an interrupted or weak network signal. What are the major factors that cause inside interferences here? Anything from building materials like a thick layer of bricks or concrete can be considered as internal or inside interferences. Not just that, metals, glass, magnetic clutters, and conductive materials, etc could also become the factors that could be causing the signal trouble you are experiencing.

If anyone of these factors goes wrong, you could experience a drop zone. In the present times being stuck with no mobile network, the signal means being stranded in some desert. I understand that your first response to this problem will be to change your location. To a point this could solve the issue, but what if you are not in a position to change your location and you need to make an important phone call?

Now that you have understood the major reasons for experiencing poor signal while you are at home, how to go about boosting mobile signal at home? It is indeed very simple, your ultimate solution lies in the installation of cell phone booster for house!