Tips To Improve Signal Reception In Basements

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In earlier days, basement of a building were used to store unused items or for parking vehicles. But now the situations have changed. Presently there are many people running their office and other manufacturing units in the basement of a building. Some people have also started residing in the basement floors of flats and houses. Even though it is a potential space that can be used for running the office and for residing, there is a common problem faced by them all and that is signal reception.

A lot of improvements have occurred in mobile signal broadcasting technologies but still so many places are experiencing poor signal reception. This can happen due to many factors like the external interference, distance from the tower, etc. However, it is evident that the signal reception in basements is very weak and some tips to improve its strength are as follows.

Use Mobile Signal Booster

Cellular booster or mobile signal booster is a device that helps in improving the network reception of an area. This device have three parts, an outside antenna, an amplifier and an inside antenna. If you install a signal booster in your basement office or apartment by placing the outside antenna on the above floor, it will amplify the weak signals and broadcast stronger signals.

Install Microcell

It is also a small device that can improve the signal strength in your basement. Microcells are provided by individual carrier operators and this device will help in enhancing the signal strength of a specific carrier. The problem with this device is that, it will work only for a specific carrier and it requires a separate broadband connection for its functioning.

Draft A Signal Map

It is one of the cheapest as well as time consuming process that can help in finding better signal in your basement. It is the process of searching and marking spots in your basement where the signal reception is better. The signal strength in building will be different in different locations. Therefore, identifying places that have better signal strength can solve your issue without incurring an extra cost.

The above mentioned are some of the practical tips that can be followed for improving signal strength in your basement. However, those who are living in the basement must make sure to keep the mobile charged because low battery will reduce the signal reception.