Various Causes Of Poor Cellular Reception

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Poor cell reception is one of those problems we are not quite able to get rid of even with so much advancement in technologies. Even today, we experience call drops, slow data speed, and undelivered text messages in rural areas, while we travel, inside buildings, etc.

The main culprit of poor cell reception is weak cell signal strength. There are a lot of factors that can affect the strength of a cell signal in an area. it is almost impossible to make calls or browse the internet without a strong cell signal.

Here are some of the reasons why you are experiencing poor cell reception at your home.

Building Materials

You might have noticed that your cell phone reception suddenly goes bad when you step inside a building. This is because the building materials can block the cell signals from coming inside the building. Wood, glass, steel, aluminum, fiberglass insulation, etc. are some of the most common building materials that block the cell signals from entering a building.

Doors, windows, ceilings, etc. are often made of wood and it can reduce the strength of the cell signals by 5 dB to -12 dB. Even though glass is transparent, it won’t be easy for the cell signals to penetrate. Moreover, metals like steel and aluminum can easily reflect the cell signals coming from the cell tower and can make reception difficult. Therefore, it won’t be easy to get proper cell reception if you have metal roofing.

Heavy Network Traffic

In this modern digital world, most of us own a smartphone. The day where we used cell phones just to make calls and send text messages are long gone and today, we can use cell phones to browse through the internet and stay connected with our friends living in any part of the world.

When you are in a shopping mall or a stadium full of people, you do not get proper cell reception to make calls or browse the internet. This is because both the places are full of people and everyone will have a cell phone with a network connection. All those people may use their cell phones at the same time, which makes the cell signals fight for space in the nearest cell tower. When the number of users in an area increases, the harder it will be for you to get proper cell reception.

Bad Weather Conditions

Another cause of poor cell reception inside your house or apartment is the poor weather condition. Heavy rain, storm, snow, fog, etc. will harm the cell reception. You may not get a proper cell signal during heavy rain because the cell signals cannot travel effectively through the water. Also, water vapor in the atmosphere may absorb the energy from the radio waves, which makes the cell signals to lose their strength.

Like rain, snow and hail can also reflect the cell signals coming from the cell tower making it difficult to receive the same. This will result in poor cell reception near you because cell signals cannot effectively reach you. Solar eruptions are another reason for poor cell receptions. The eruptions on the surface of the sun will send heat waves and gases to our atmosphere, which will disrupt the cellular communications.

Distance From The Cell Tower

When you are living in an urban area, you are surrounded by multiple cell towers and the distance from them will not be always the cause of poor cell reception. However, it is not the case in most of the rural areas around the world.

In most rural areas, there are no adequate cell towers to provide a proper cellular reception. The only cell tower may be located miles away from your location and you won’t get a strong cell signal due to that.

Natural Obstacles

Yes, our mother nature is also a culprit in making the cell signals weaker. The cell signals coming from the cell tower may be blocked by the mountains, hills and the canopies of trees. That is why it is almost impossible to get proper cell reception in places surrounded by hills and mountains.

Best Solution For Poor Cell Reception

There several ways to get a proper cell signal. If you step out of the building, the building materials will no longer be able to block the cell signals and you will get proper cell reception. Go to higher ground or move to the top floor of your apartment building if hills and mountains are blocking the cell signals.

All these are temporary solutions for poor cell reception and the best long-term solution is installing a cell phone booster inside your house. This device is specifically designed to capture the cell signals, increase its strength, and rebroadcast the boosted cell signals to all the nearby cellular devices. A signal booster not only avoid call drops and increase your data speed, but it also reduces the noise and distortion and allows you to make clearer voice calls.