What Is Oscillation In Cell Service Booster And How To Avoid It?

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One of the best ways to ensure good cellular connectivity, especially in areas where the network coverage is less is to use a cell phone service booster. These are electronic devices that capture weak cellular signals, amplify them, and retransmit back to your phone so that you get good call quality or internet speeds. This device has three units: the outside antenna, the amplifier, and the internal antenna. But when installing them, you should ensure there is no oscillation, and in this article, we will investigate this phenomenon in signal boosters.

What Is Oscillation?

Oscillation is a positive feedback look between the input and the output systems in electronic devices. The best example of this phenomenon is the one between microphones and speakers in an audio system. A microphone captures input sound, sends it to the amplifier, and the amplified signal is broadcasted from the speaker. Sometimes the microphone captures the output from the speaker, this gets amplified by the system and results in the familiar high-pitched screeches.

Oscillations In Cell Service Booster

As mentioned in the introduction, signal boosters are electronic devices and they exhibit the phenomenon of oscillation or positive feedback loop between the input and the output. Here the input unit is the external antenna, the output unit is the internal antenna, and they are connected to the amplifier via coaxial cables. When the adequate distance is not maintained between internal and external antennas, the boosted signal will be picked up by the outside antenna and passed through the system. This oscillation results in background noise due to interference and causes poor reception in the cell phone.

The other disadvantage of using a cell phone service booster with oscillation is that it interferes with the reception of other phones in its vicinity. This is because, even if the device is tuned for a specific frequency, it causes oscillation in other frequencies as well. But you need not worry, modern signal boosters are designed to shut down automatically if the system exhibits oscillation.

Eliminating Oscillation In Cell Service Booster

The most reliable solution to eliminate oscillation in a cell phone signal booster is to maintain the separation distance between the internal and external antennas recommended by the manufacturer. Also, the type of outside antenna used can affect this distance, i.e. omnidirectional antennas require more separation than directional antennas. However, if you cannot maintain the minimum separating distance, then you can use a shield between the inside and outside antennas.

We hope that the article clarified your doubts regarding the phenomenon of oscillation in cell phone service booster and the methods to eliminate it.